Moona creates a better socio-economic reality in the northern periphery of Israel by bringing together mixed communities around advanced technologies

  • Moona was founded in 2013 by Mr. Asaf Brimer,a former IDF pilot and consultant to the airspace industry- The organization was launched in the presence of Mr- Charles Bolden Jr, administrator of NASA- Moona operates today in Majd el Kurum village and in full cooperation with its local council.
  • Moona´s open environment connects various communities with advanced technologies and acts as a leverage for regional growth and development.
  • Moona creates multi sectorial activities integrating communities with the Israeli academy and industry while building partnerships with various stakeholders, such as local councils, schools, academies, NGOs, governmental institutions, funds
    and private sector investors.


Creating a sustainable changethrough long²term programs andcontinuous nurturing of competenceand prospering future leaders


An open meeting place promotingmeaningful connections betweenindividuals based on mutualexperience and cooperation


Hands-on experience in advancedtechnologies for producinghigh level products with emphasison personal growth and excellence