Robotics is a wide field in the technological world, which continues to evolve constantly. The technological progress enables new robots-based solutions to various complex challenges.Robotics training includes engaging in a variety of fields such as mechanics, electronics and control systems, which opens up the target audience for integration in science and technology fields in the academia and the industry,(with an emphasis on high-tech sector). Under the program, Moona provides theoretical studies, together with practical training in planning,

Development and building of the robot using technologically advanced equipment available in Moona (3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutter, wood and metal workshops, etc.). Alongside the technological training. the group initiates volunteering activities in the community and exposure events to the field of robotics for high school and various localities.

Inspire others to follow our steps in creating better academic and career opportunities for every one in the Robotics and high tech fields.


Our team will grow and expand in the next years also to keep supporting the next FLL Moona team and perhaps extend to one more FTC group , this brings a greater responsibility for us to enhance our efforts in community outreach, such as growing other teams in the region. The team would also work on creating a tradition of engaging younger students in FIRST through various presentations nd events. This mission includes facilitating the growth of FIRST programs through younger age groups: FLL FIRST® elementary school students. The team will also outreach to colleges and become involved in academic projects (especially with ORT Braude College of Engineering).


  • Develop advanced technology skills among students;
  • Gain experience in team work, division of tasks, presentation skills, time management
  • Create a positive experience when bringing together mixed groups.