Moona has developed special high-tech programs encouraging a sense of accomplishment and competence in participants working in teams.
  • Drone Program: A multi-year program for mixed teams of Jewish and Arab youth working together to develop, build and fly drones. At the end of each year all teams compete in a full national competition.
  • Robotics Program: Moona endorses mixed teams (both Jewish and Arab) and participates in the national FIRST ISRAEL competition.
  • 3D Printing: Workshops and courses for assembly modeling and three dimensional printing.
  • Arduino and MCUs: Moona acts as a learning place for Open Source Software and Hardware development introducing the use of Arduino and other microcontrollers as a developing solution for different projects.
3,000 people have already taken part in a variety of MeetUps, Conferences and events organized by Moona.
In the first year of activity about 1,000 people have participated in Moona’s programs and activities