With more projects at our doorstep, more students from the Galilee will have better opportunities to
become part of the growing Israeli high-tech economy.
Each donation brings us one step closer to creating a sustainable change in the region from both the Arab and Jewish communties.
Every 7000$ helps fund a full scholarship program for a student.


Entrepreneurs in the Galilee region are often faced with production costs that hinder their ability to develop new ideas
Many young engineering graduates in the periphery today have been through intensive academic programs focused on knowledge acquisition. They go out into the workforce with minimal hands-on experience.This lack of experience is even more prevalent in the Arab community due to a lack of a ‘middle layer’ between academia and employment similar to the military service in the Jewish sector. The Galilee region is seeking to develop a sustainable economy with local industries and top level professionals
committed to living in the region.


Moona strives to create a better socio-economic reality to both the Arab and Jewish communities and offers a sustainable solution in the form of a regional implementation lab.


We have created a fully functional space equipped with all necessary facilities to support the evaluation and prototyping stages for entrepreneurs and companies. We employ students and recent graduates as a part of our developers team and give them support with professional mentors in various high-tech fields. The students are empowered to improve their skills and knowledge and strengthen their competence while contributing to the local community.The students also facilitate technology ± science workshops
for junior and high school pupils in the region.


Bassel Husssein is a graduate engineering student from Rama village in the Galilee. He was able to successfully finish his

dissertation project in our implementation lab while gaining priceless hands-on experience and networking opportunities.

Bassel was recruited a few months ago to a new startup in Haifa and serves as a role model to many others of how we

can create a better future.