In 2017 we plan to widen this program to a national level. With your support more teams will have the opportunity to take part in Moona’s drone competition. Each 9500$ ensures the building of one new team and supports an umbrella of mentors for our youth.

Moona – Space for Change has developed the first drone educational program as part of its mission to create a sustainable change and a new reality for both the Arab and Jewish communities in Israel. The program, inspired by the FIRST international robotics
competition, offers a unique challenge for over a hundred of high school students in the Galilee to develop, build and compete in a regional competition while improving their teamwork and problem solving skills. This year
Moona runs 8 teams in the northern part of Israel, and our first competition is scheduled for this year’s spring.
Encourage a problem-solving and learning atmosphere in various high-tech fields
Create a positive experience and strengthen competence for high school students with emphasis on social values & multicultural team building.
Provide our next generation with the necessary tools for having better opportunities to be part of the high-tech industry.